Meia Pataca Restaurant

Quality attested by specialized critics and by the frequent public. The Meia Pataca is comfortable, well located and delicious cuisine.

Av. AtlΓ’ntica, 3288 B - Posto 5 - Copacabana - RJ (Next to Othon Palace)

Phone: +55 21 2522-0744


🌴 Restaurant 🌴

Meia Pataca is, since 1967, in harmony with its clients and friends in a beautiful and traditional place in Rio de Janeiro. Located in front of Copacabana beach, "the princess of the sea", it has a fantastic view of Copacabana beach and its world famous sidewalk.

Our specialty is sea food, always fresh and tasty. Daily we serve Brazil's traditional Feijoada (black beans with pork meat and much more). Every night you can taste our cold and refreshing draft bier with various pizzas and appetizers, or drink our fine wines accompanied by selected meat.

Our waiters and cookers team guarantee you the best treatment providing your total enjoyment.

We accept reservations for birthdays and special dates such as Carnival, Holy Week, New Year's Eve Party and others.

We have outdoor tables and an indoor room with porch and air conditioning.

restaurante restaurante restaurante restaurante

🌴 Menu 🌴

πŸ” Sandwiches

We have a big variety of sandwiches such as filet mignon, chicken, and others, accompanied by French fries.

πŸ₯— Salads and Soups

For those who prefer light and natural food we have several kinds of salads, soups and creams.

sanduiche saladas saladas

πŸ— Appetizers

To go along with a cold draft bier and our Brazilian capirinhas, we suggest several options of appetizers, such as fried chicken, breaded fish, stuffed crab Shell, fillet w/gravy sauce, beans sauce.

petiscos petiscos petiscos

petiscos petiscos petiscos

🦐 Sea Food

As our specialty, we have shrimp and lobster that are carefully selected and made for your enjoyment. Best Sellers: Fish Fillet Bahia Style, Meia Pataca Style Shrimp, Grilled Lobster, Sea Food Symphony

frutos do mar frutos do mar frutos do mar frutos do mar

πŸ₯© Meat

Our meats are exportation type and come from the best distributors. They are grilled and are accompanied by big portions of side options and sauces. The Best ones: armegiana Fillet Mignon, Piamontese Fillet Mignon, Meia Pataca Sirloin

carnes carnes carnes carnes

carnes carnes carnes carnes

🍹 Beverages

We have imported and national wines.

Our menu has a big variety of drinks, and the most successful are the strawberry and lemon Brazilian caipirinhas.

By the porch or at the sidewalk tables you can enjoy our cold draft bier accompanied with a big variety of pizzas.

Our margueritas and tequilas complete the cheerful and casual style.

bebidas bebidas bebidas

πŸ• Pizzas

pizzas pizzas

🌴 Complete Menu 🌴





🌴 Contact 🌴

πŸ“ Address: Av. AtlΓ’ntica, 3288 B - Posto 5 - Copacabana - RJ (Next to Othon Palace)

πŸ“ž Phone: +55 21 2522-0744

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πŸ“· Instagram: @restaurantemeiapataca

πŸ“˜ Facebook: Restaurante Meia Pataca